Fiction featuring multigenerational women’s choices

The Mother Gene

Three generations of women…

In The Mother Gene, author Lynne Bryant casts a contemporary story of mothers and daughters against the backdrop of a not-so-distant dark time in American history, when powerful forces sought to control who should have children. Three generations of women struggle with the intertwined choices of sex, love, pregnancy, and motherhood.

The Mother Gene, winner of the Literary Titan Award
Alligator Lake Lynne Bryant writer

Alligator Lake

Natalie Baszile, author of Queen Sugar, described Alligator Lake as “a gutsy examination of southern race relations. Bryant is provocative and unflinching as she reveals her characters’ private hopes and fears. Her abiding love for Mississippi shines through as she wrestles with its troubled history.”

Catfish Alley

Catfish Alley “…tackles the racial divide of both 1920s and current-day Mississippi in a page-turning narrative that has, at its heart, the search for personal connections as the path to both survival and understanding,” said Lalita Tademy, author of Cane River.

Catfish Alley Lynne Bryant writer